Ts 440 dot problem

images ts 440 dot problem

Then go away. K6BRN Brian. Member Posts: The QRG was a bit jumpy as well. It was amazing. I cannot remember which ones but a Google will bring up the details. All times are GMT.

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  • How to repair and improve the Kenwood TS ham-radio amateur radio transceiver.

    Kenwood TS repair OZ1BXM

    In the case of dots-in-display, the main suspect is VCO1. It contains 4 oscillators. I discovered this problem when I checked Transceiver The TS- Posting to let owners of TSS know that the "dreaded dot problem" on later ( higher serial number) radios can sometimes be easily fixed by a. Hello All, Recently I bought a Kenwood TSS from a fellow HAM, This equipment was has the infamous dot problem and after referring to.
    There was one spot that seemed worse than the others, so I took some tweezers and pulled a bit of it out and powered the rig back up - and with that little bit of effort, I noticed an improvement - much less dot display.

    images ts 440 dot problem

    Note that after being on for about two hours, the radio would retain memory contents for about 24 hours, as if the failing battery was not well isolated from the Memory main Vdd source and was partially recharging from it.

    Hi, I am new to this forum so if I am posting in the wrong area, please set me straight. For a TS, it was pretty tricked out.

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    images ts 440 dot problem
    Most Amateur Radio Distributors don't have a Repair Department any longer and dislike to spend the time and money on qualified technical personnel.

    I can't do the work myself because my hands aren't steady enough. I probably would have sold it, except I knew no one would give me what the upgrades were worth After getting information about replacing D22 and D23 diodes from the internet, I took my radio to a local repair shop that is an ICOM dealer and repair shop.

    Kenwood TSS Dot Problem Possible Easy Repair

    I also broke a disk ceramic cap and decided to replace a resistor that had gotten a bit beaten up in the de-gooing process. The new part number for the battery is W and for the battery insulator rarely needed F

    Kenwood TS with dots in the display caused by PLL unlock. What is the solution to the dots-in-display problem? My solution is radical.

    Kenwood TS Dot Repair Service - FREE Return Shipping in Contiguous U.S. Kenwood TSSAT Dot Problem Eliminated / Keybounce Fix Applied / Full. I got a TS way back in the s - it was my first solid-state, no-tune-final rig. I eventually surfed up info on the "dots" problem and decided I'd try to get the.
    If there is a fix, I'll let all know. Newer Post Older Post Home.

    aa4gadotcom Kenwood TS

    Given the advancing age of these radios, I'd guess quite a few have this problem - i. Digging the potting compound out out of the VFO cans of earlier radios and restoring the TSS to operation can be a really tedious task. Thanks to everyone that has documented working on this problem

    images ts 440 dot problem
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    It was amazing.

    images ts 440 dot problem

    I suspect the failed battery was pulling Memory Vdd down during charging and causing CPU memory access errors that were reflected in a series of blinking dots. I wonder if you have RS control and if everything actually works OK?

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    And then after about another hour it would go away. Replies: 4 Last Post: Mon 8th Aug