Pursuer boss location luna

images pursuer boss location luna

The other door can be opened with the Antiquated Key : see Access from Pursuer for details on obtaining the Antiquated Key. This is a trick that can be used often in this level and is hilarious They can be fought individually by pulling one at a time. If it explodes on the wall at the end of the stair it will reveal another passage. Another opportunity is presented when a Gargoyle fly's into the air and either come down with a scooping attack or leaps and lands next to you. In any case, you can outrun them if you just want to fight the bosses. You can drop down on him and use a plunging attack. Drop down here to land on the stairway above McDuff's Workshop bonfire.


  • There is a Pursuer Knight located at the entrance of Belfry Luna. At the top of the tower with the lever towards the Gargoyle boss fight, there is. Lost Bastille is a location in Dark Souls 2.

    images pursuer boss location luna

    From Pursuer Boss Fight. key acquired after the Belfry Luna will open the locked door located. The Pursuer is an optional boss and later an enemy in Dark Souls II.

    images pursuer boss location luna

    Dying, or leaving the platform, will prompt the Pursuer to move on to its second location.
    Also prominent in this room is the presence of a Pharros' Lockstone face, and three chests.

    From there, go to the chest with the Antiquated Key. Following the path to your left leads to more Royal Soldiers in a small room if they didn't all empty out beforea pull mechanism and a summon sign for Felicia the Brave.


    Most of his attacks can be evaded if the player rolls to the right his shielded side. A secret door on this ledge will look very familiar as it leads to the chest with Hush in it. This will provide a convenient retreat for the coming encounter. After beating these guys you will find yourself in a large room with stairs heading down and a path to your left.

    images pursuer boss location luna
    Pursuer boss location luna
    It is in a cell right next to Straid's cell with broken balconyjust attack the empty corner and the zombie will visualize for a second there!

    Other elements are unconfirmed.

    Video: Pursuer boss location luna Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin Part 20 Belfry Luna, Belfry Gargoyles

    Scholar of the First Sin Changes. If you opened the gate I warned you not to, there will be a swarm in the hallway instead of just two.

    Back in the room with the caged urns, head up the stairs to another room with two Kamakaze Mummies.

    The Lost Bastille is a location in Dark Souls II.

    Giants via the bird's nest found past the Pursuer's boss chamber or via the ship accessible in No-man's Wharf.

    Howling Ravine. image: Howling Cave Floor 1. image: Howling Cave Floor 2. image: Belfry Luna. Open the door leading to the further part of the location. Ring the bells by using the lever, which will open the passage leading to the boss fight.
    Down the ladder you'll see a whole mess of dogs ready to attack you. When you first enter the fight, you will have about 10 seconds alone with the first gargoyle.

    After the corpse, drop back down through a hole into the elevator room. A door in the room with barrels opens into a wall of dirt with a skeleton inside. Near the broken section of the wall you'll notice a boarded up doorway you can break open.

    images pursuer boss location luna
    Pursuer boss location luna
    If it explodes on the wall at the end of the stair it will reveal another passage. Shooting it with a ranged attack will pull two of the knights out, minimizing the upcoming swarm.

    Note that some players report being able to walk past these two knights, and the entire swarm, without them attacking at all. Either someone correct this, or put it into a form, so people can understand it! Once you have the key, you can skip the Ruin Sentinels fight. Straight across the room from the entry is a doorway leading to a hall with an illusory walls at the end.