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Profile last updated Sep 26, The colour of the sample is somewhat darker that a 02 peat. When the final squeeze is performed, over half of the material escapes the hand. Username: Password: Forgot your password? The peat sample in the hand is normally bright yellowish orange in colour, especially after squeezing. The "appreciable amount" of these materials occur when they interfere with the squeezing out of the remaining amorphous material. The sample is still spongy, but less than 02; after squeezing, the peat will spring back to a point where a vague to fairly definite form of the handprint is distinguishable. If appreciable amounts of roots or fibres are present, the peat cannot be considered to be a 08, even though the remaining material is such. Rates: EUR 0.

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  • This scale was devised by Lennart von Post during his work on the Soil Survey of Sweden for measurement of degree of decomposition of dead plant. von Post is a surname of Swedish origin.

    It may refer to: Lennart von Post (– ), Swedish naturalist and geologist; Gunilla von Post (–). Karin Adele Gunilla von Post Miller, usually Gunilla von Post, (10 July – 14 October ) was a Swedish aristocrat noted for a book outlining an intimate.
    The original plant material is practically undistinguishable and a very close examination in the hand is needed to see that there are still vague structures present. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums.

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    Protokol i jazicna pridruzba: Gospodin Prof. Username: Password: Forgot your password? The sample is spongy, or elastic; upon squeezing, the compressed sample springs back, and will take little or no shape. Ilindenska b.

    This water is reaching the point where it can no longer be termed "water", but is a solution.

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    Pridruzba: Profesor J. It should be noted that such things as weed, sedge roots, and Eriophorum fibres are often very resistant to decomposition, and can be present in their "original" state in humified peats up to Username: Password: Forgot your password?

    Upon squeezing, the sample makes a perfect replica of the handprint, commonly called "brass knuckles". When squeezing, yellow water with some plant debris mostly individual leaves is emitted. Rates: EUR 0.

    Table 16 THE VON POST SCALE OF HUMIFICATION (source Ekono ).

    Symbol. Description.

    images post vo petokeycinema

    H1 Completely undecomposed peat which, when squeezed. Indicates the class of decomposition using the Von Post estimate of It should be noted that after squeezing a peat sample, the difference in. Keywords: Technik, Medizin, Poesie, Business- Management, Literatur, Musik, Film, Theater, Buecher fuer Kinder, Webseiten, Vertraege, Briefe.
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    KudoZ activity PRO. Upon squeezing, all of the sample escapes the hand. Cannot be considered "peat" as such as it is not yet dead. Protokoll und Sprachliche Begleitung: Herr Prof. X Sign in to your ProZ.

    16 Best Victor Steff images in Mobiles, Edm music, Lakes

    A very homogenous, amorphous sample containing no roots or fibres.

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    Living moss layer. If pieces or chips of weed are present in the sample, regardless of the amount, this alone classifies the peat as a Cannot be considered "peat" as such as it is not yet dead.

    images post vo petokeycinema

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