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Whether its to stop a runaway sweeper, or to crack a boosting juggernaut in the last spot, M-Banette can be relied upon to assassinate a pokemon of your choice. The NP set is quite beastly, and with Houndoom's mix of great power, speed, and coverage, it has no trouble trying to sweep a team. It hits harder, seemingly. However, because it is illegal with Knock Off, there are two other options to handle portions of these threats. Sergeant Spooky. M-Banette is a powerful tool, but its a tool with a lot of drawbacks. Life Orb can work if you're feeling lucky about burns and would like more power. Of course it has a couple of flaws but it has its uses regardless. Anyway, this thing does only what it's supposed to.

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  • Hello PA, It's me, TheBlazingAura, Back to supple you all with a exiting new Top This Top 10 is on Mega Evoulutions but I added a twist. While OU has some of the better Mega Evolutions like Mega Venusaur and Mega Pinsir, UU isn't far behind in some excellent Megas of its own.

    Top 10 Best Mega Evoulutions in Uu and Under! Pokémon Amino

    UU (UnderUsed) is Smogon's second usage-based tier. A Pokémon is truly ' UU' if a typical competitive player is more than 50% likely to Aerodactyl-Mega.
    Yeah, had a bit of a problem with that thanks for the suggestion.

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    Not only should Victini not be zen headbutt, it shouldn't be final gambit either. However, it has great mixed offenses and the movepool to take advantage of it. Manectric is an almost necessity on any volt turn team in both ou and uu and is by far the best pivot in the meta right now. Anyway pretty basic moveset here, not much to explain, I don't think :x.

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    images megas in uu
    Megas in uu
    Treecko said:.

    Superpower nails Dark-type Pokemon for heavier damage, but also makes it harder to stay in for long periods of time. Losing Lightningrod kinda sucks, but again, Intimidate can make your life a lot easier against some of the scarier threats of the tier like Hawlucha, Crawdaunt, and Heracross.

    People just use it poorly. I really need to try this guy out in UU already, but it does face a dickload of competition from Crobat, simply because most of the strong birds are either banned in UU Staraptor or OU by usage.

    Here is my top 10 most prominent UU Pokemon (in no special order). Pokemon Starting things of are some of the Megas residing in the tier.

    images megas in uu

    U U – U U – U U – U U – U U — X &vöpo uol | #vv8Ts, uoUoo, To? year now since Priam's U U — U U — LéYoš Čv Tiólkos, megas antidikos, great adversary.

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    Gardevoir-Mega moved from OU to UU Jirachi moved from OU to UU Machamp moved from NU to RU Banette-Mega moved from UU to RU.
    No more, no less. Trick is to throw off ur opponets game, this helps alot against mons that like to set up.

    images megas in uu

    Ok, going to post a couple of Mega sets. It is more powerful than its Life-Orb Counterpart and is fast as well.


    Always go for Hydro Pump. Pretty obvious choice here.

    images megas in uu
    Aragorn the King Off the Deep End. If it doesn't do anything, then max out slowking's defense you could give it some speed to creep snorlax. Alright I've updated the OP to include a few viable sets.

    Play Rough is the primary physical coverage move to crush Fighting- Dark- and Dragon-type Pokemon that are quite common in the tier.

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    Beedrill-Mega @ Beedrillite Ability: Swarm EVs: Atk / 4 SpD / Spe Jolly Nature \- Poison Jab \- X-Scissor \- Roost \. Mega Venusuar- It will go to UU Mega Blastiose- Also UU Mega Charizard-X- It'll go to UU, BL at best.

    Mega Charizard-Y- OU, only because of. Click here for Pokémon and Message Flair! /r/Stunfisk is your reddit source for news, articles, analyses, and competitive battling discussion for Pokémon VGC and Smogon.

    Please include 2 Pokemon Showdown!.
    BinixJan 25, Heliolisk probably works, too. It actually doesn't need any Speed investment whatsoever to outrun base Speed Pokemon—that's how incredibly fast it is.

    [ORAS UU] Team without a mega Pokémon Online

    Zen headbutt doesn't hit a whole lot of stuff and is easy to take advantage of krook says hiand final gambit is almost only usable on the first few turns. Live chat! Drop tbolt, you don't need it that bad.

    images megas in uu
    Megas in uu
    He's not weak either; even with minimal investment you will still take a nice chunk out of everything not named Chansey or Dusclops.

    He can be a status absorber with rest talk, and with his slow volt switch he's perfect for letting a powerful but frail mon like Hawlucha come in safely.

    images megas in uu

    Also here are two sets for other Mega Evolutions:. M-Banette is a powerful tool, but its a tool with a lot of drawbacks. Mold Breaker allows it to hit through Volt Absorb and Sturdy too iirc making any attack a "safer" choice. Not much to say about slowking except I'm not sure why you gave a fat wincon 56 spa evs.