Justcloud reviews 2012

images justcloud reviews 2012

Email to JustCloud. They have lost all of my files just when I needed them. Eventually they canceled my account after 30 minutes online chat. The customer support is great. But there are significant issues with them as well. Anyone should consider very carefully before signing up for this so-called back up system.

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    JustCloud Review

    Justcloud Reviews. THE LAST TIME ANYTHING WAS UPLOADED BY ME WAS JustCloud offers a disappointing experience that could possible turn disastrous. recommends against using this service, find. JustCloud Review – Great For Personal & Business.

    images justcloud reviews 2012

    JustCloud is a cloud storage and backup solution for personal and business users. JustCloud allows you to easily sync your files to the cloud and across multiple devices.
    Any files I backed up usually did not appear. They lost my data, their tech support is incompetent and slow to respond.

    There is no versioning because files have to be manually uploaded every time you edit them from the sync folder. That used to be my biggest headache — always forgetting files. This was caused by automatic renewal that I had not noticed when signing up.

    Justcloud Full Review bestonlinefilestorage

    Read 1 more review about Justcloud Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore.

    images justcloud reviews 2012
    That means you can drag any file into this sync folder and expect them to appear on the other devices regardless of where these gadgets are.

    Absolute rubbish Absolute rubbish. I told him about the email I sent, spelt out my name and email address for him as requested, only to then be told that their system was down so could I ring back in days or email the same address again?

    More Great Reviews for JustCloud! JustCloud News

    If you value your data, get your backup service elsewhere. I have unticked the automatic renewal box but still they send me emails telling me it will automatically renew unless I cancel.

    images justcloud reviews 2012

    I have been using them for a which to backup a network drive. But the software allowed me to keep backing up without telling me I had reached a limit.

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    Justcloud Reviews Read Customer Service Reviews of

    David McKinnon. 21 Mar Due to a significant number of complaints about JustCloud, we are no longer recommending. JustCloud Review. Learn from cloud storage Cloud Storage Companies JustCloud Review. Reviewed by Steven Johnson June 18, Reading a JustCloud review helps our readers learn more about this provider and show the Our JustCloud review looks at what this provider offers in backup size and how easy it synchronizes those files.

    December 14, at am .
    I removed files to get space back for latest backups, space remained the same. You need to remember that the contents of this folder will be the same on all the devices where you have installed the service.

    JustCloud JustCloud Review Professional Cloud Storage Provider

    Apart from providing lousy service from the start, you have also been billing me several times without notice. By: Alf. File Link Sharing.

    images justcloud reviews 2012
    When I tried to explain a problem I had with the installation I got redirected and redirected until I lost patience.

    NOTE: If you saved your credit card information to the JustCloud site to auto pay your account you should sign in to your account and delete the credit card information.

    JustCloud Review Updated

    Starter Free 5 GB Storage. Not only does it protect your privacy poorly, JustCloud also goes out of its way to dodge any liability. To add to this frustration, drag and drop does not consistently work in the interface. Customer service is rubbish. That's not a big deal, but you may want to make sure you are willing to delete everything that's in your Recycle Bin before you run malwarebytes.

    Just Cloud have been receiving rave reviews from all sections of the cloud storage market since day one, and the start of has seen this trend continue.

    by Rakesh Sharma Published on 19 December According to a Dec report by Enterprise Strategy Group, a research firm based in Massachussetts. Justcloud is a prominent Professional online backup and storage providing company that allows unlimited file storage facility Justcloud Review
    They are also expensive, especially with OneDrive amd GoogleDrive around nowadays.

    I had just cloud for a year and when trying to cancel my subscription, I went through a very tough time. I wrote the co. Now they just ask for money to renew my account. Justcloud took a biannual subscription out of my account.

    images justcloud reviews 2012
    Justcloud reviews 2012
    Their features are easy to understand and in addition they offer simple, affordable subscription plans.

    JustCloud just has too many issues:. JustCloud User Rating Avoid this company they are a bunch of crooks! I only discovered that I had reached my unlimited limit when I went to look for files and found them missing.

    The Bottom Line. No point in wasting more time asking for a refund. Anyone should consider very carefully before signing up for this so-called back up system.

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