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images hsca mug book

After ascertaining that none had had a prior connection with the FBI or the Kennedy case, the committee requested that they undertake and examination of various documents. In those instances where reproductions of any kind were examined, it was found that the writing conformed in pictorial aspects with the writing purporting to be Oswald's on the original documents examined. Selective Service card. Postal money order to Klein's item 29 as is on the various letters and correspondence. Envelope and order form--Klein's. Three 3 passport signatures. While the diary was submitted for examination in original form, it was almost completely unsuitable with the exception of p.

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    HSCA Handwriting Analysis

    Reel 49 of a microfilmed set of CIA documents to which the House Select Committee on Assassinations had access. Subjects: IG Report, Cuban Mug Book. HSCA Mug Book. Uploaded by. thingnamer · CornersnNapkins.

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    Uploaded by. thingnamer · Department of CULTURE Vice Presidential Redebate.
    Application for Cuban visa.

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    On balance, it appears to have been written at one or a few sittings. In stock on August 20, It has held up well to a dishwasher and metal spoons stirring drinks.

    images hsca mug book

    He has presented and published numerous scientific papers. The writing on the money order conforms with the writing purporting to be that of Oswald on the other documents in every material way, including writing movement and rhythm L as well as the pictorial aspects of form or design, proportions, alignment, slant, and connections.

    images hsca mug book
    Hsca mug book
    The original of the money order item 29 was examined and compared With the original writings purporting to be Oswald's.

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    Employment application with letter. As far as original documents are concerned, the conclusion is that the signatures and writings on them which purport to be Oswald's are all in the handwriting of the same person. The signature has been written quickly, easily, and fluently, consistent with the writing pattern of the known exemplars.

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    Records where field Subjects matches value [MUG BOOK], sorted by record CIA HEADQUARTERS BY HSCA STAFF MEMBERS: VOLUME I MUG BOOK AND. nationals investigated and cataloged by the Central Intelligence Agency.

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    The Cuban Mug Books Vol. 2 and 3 are offered for your inspection. #JFK #Evidence. Black-and-white photograph of Bonnie Ray Williams, taken from the House Select Committee on Assassinations's Mug Book. Tags: Bonnie Ray Williams, Gina.
    All seem to have been executed in the ordinary course of business without any suspicious signs.

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    The panel members prepared photographs of the originals for further study in their own laboratories. Being a huge book lover In stock on August 20, Photographs were taken of the evidence, and these were studied along with the detailed drawings.

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    The second is that others, for whatever purposes, used Oswald's name. Photograph of carbon of application for Cuban visa.

    images hsca mug book

    images hsca mug book
    Hsca mug book
    Maybe Citizenship revocation. Instead, it sought to prove that one or more signatures were positively Oswald's and that all the documents had been written by the same person. This money order was submitted in the original, and hence it was possible to give it a complete microscopic examination and to study it under the infrared image converter.

    A number of documents have script and handprint, both of which are by the same person the script writings of these documents correspond to that of documents listed above under I and II : Because the pictures are fuzzy, it is impossible to rule out tracing or some other method of imitative writing.

    Employment application, signed "Lee H.