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Hence, the possibility to benefit more from the spot markets was reduced. The completion of our newbuilding program is the main reason for the positive cash flow from operations in Rick Steves' Europeviews. Our Terms of Service have been updated. Capturing new business opportunities With our new vessels we are able to enter more long haul trade, driven by international trade and demand. Grant Cardone 3, views.

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  • I.M. Skaugen SE 5 Business Review Norgas Carriers Name Title Email Leo in China and the Gulf region of the Middle East, as well as South East Asia. . Morits Skaugen CEO Monica Skaugen Bertel O. Steen Vice Chairman Erik Eik.

    Skaugen Gulf Petchem Carriers B.S.C in Bahrain. . Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe Morits Skaugen CEO Erik Eik Chairman Bertel O. Steen Vice Chairman.

    Morits Skaugen is a businessperson who has been at the helm of 8 different companies and presently of Forefront Innovation AS, Chairman for Skaugen Gulf Petchem Carriers BSC and Chairman for Winder AS.

    Erik Eik · I M Skaugen Se.
    Our first three Multigas vessels, Norgas Innovation, Norgas Creation and Norgas Invention are delivered during and are performing very well. During a voyage, our vessel loads cargo at A and delivers at B.

    An improved spot market due to increased fleet utilization throughout most of and higher freight rates have had a positive effect on our earnings - and for the seaborne gas transportation business in general.

    We view the possibility that the growth in consumption in the emerging markets will outweigh the lack of growth in the OECD countries primarily USA and Euro land and thus the world trade and GDP will still grow at a reasonable pace. Gas for stranded customers as we call it. This installation operation of the tons tank requires millimeter precision. These extraordinary vessel delivery costs amounted to about 20 percent of total operating costs.

    images eirik skaugen gulf
    Eirik skaugen gulf
    We have expertise within cargo plant design and construction through Skaugen Trading Company Limited.

    The BLNG business concept represents a new business arena for our company. Michael McIntyreviews New. This is due, not only to their size, but also to their operational capabilities.

    We have already started the process of designing the next generation of gas carriers.

    Oslo, 29 June Board of Directors – I.M. Skaugen SE. Erik Eik. Chairman Gulf Cooperation Council (Middle East). 1 6 ship to ship services in the US Gulf, with its own fleet of 6 crude oil tankers.

    Monica Skaugen, Morits Skaugen and related parties to Erik.

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    IM SKAUGEN SE Industry Group Code: Ranks Projects Erik Eik, Chmn. Stefan Nystrom, VP-China Newbuilding Activities I.M. in the Gulf of Mexico region, with some operations stretching to South America.
    Skaugen SE - Fleet Transformation: In the forefront of cooling technology We have over the last decade developed more efficient cargo reliquefaction plants for our ships.

    Calaméo I.M. Skaugen SE Business Review

    With proper execution we should be able to generate better returns due to some of these initiatives and this should come to directly benefit of our shareholders. Skaugen SE 17 Business Review The new markets in West Africa, SEA and the Middle East, which have been challenging in the establishment phases, have begun to contribute steadily growing volumes in support services. The Multigas carriers are the most advanced gas carriers ever built in China.

    Contents: About I. With its sharp focus on safety, SPT received the prestigious Devlin Award issued by the Chamber of Shipping of America for four of its LSV for operating more than two years without a crew member losing a full turn at watch from an occupational injury.

    A part of this strategy is also to attract capital - risk capital and debt - for further expansions both in the GCC-region and in China.

    images eirik skaugen gulf
    Eirik skaugen gulf
    The effects of this drop was also witnessed during and into the early part of The investments, made in low heat leakage and high cooling capacity, are now paying off.

    Traditionally, transport has been limited to pipelines, whose economical and physical limitations have typically restricted distribution. Skaugen SE IMS is a marine transportation service company engaged in the transportation of petrochemical gases, chemicals, LPG and LNG, marine transfer of crude oil and LNG, as well as design and construction of smaller, specialised high quality vessels. I have quite some reflections on how to improve in order to manage through the challenges next time and I am confident that if we aim to do things in a better way, learn from our mistakes and never be afraid of changes, we will pull it through in spite of any critical circumstances.

    We have built a fleet of six such Multigas carriers and all six were delivered by the end of

    loading in the Gulf region and more than 50% of the products we Monica Skaugen, Morits Skaugen and Erik Falkenberg are all board. CEO-Skaugen PetroTrans Ragnar Rud, VP-SHE & Quality Erik Eik, Chmn. Stefan support vessels primarily in the Gulf of Mexico region, with some operations.
    In the last quarter of this year a reduction in short-term liabilities reduced the working capital and thus the overall leverage of the company resulting in an increased the equity ratio.

    Our move is based on a philosophy and a vision, that LNG is the future of energy and transportation. Rick Steves' Europeviews. These new ships, now in the Norgas fleet, have far superior cash earning capacities compared to the fleet we have retired. Grant Cardone 3, views. Norgas Fleet Management Co.

    Morits Skaugen Biography

    images eirik skaugen gulf
    Eirik skaugen gulf
    Han er opptatt av energiproblematikken og hurtig transport. To conclude — our fleet of Multigas carriers is coming and will become an important part in supplying many, if not all stranded gas customers in the developing world.

    We have undertaken establishment in the GCC region and other efforts have been made to gain more experience in China to enable us to exploit the growth in both of these regions. This installation operation of the tons tank requires millimeter precision. Crude oil has to be changed before it can be used for anything. These improvements were achieved in a year full of global financial uncertainties.