Ecto goggles labels unlimited

images ecto goggles labels unlimited

As seen in " Cold Cash and Hot Water ". On Page 1, in the second panel, above Norris, on the board is a poster for Poso from "Partners in Slime". Sort by: Ascending Descending Go. Schematics of Samhain's fortress and some arcade games appear on the Solidifier's screen. On Page 1, Janine is wearing a classic outfit her animated counterpart wore on The Real Ghostbusters. What would Ryan do?

  • Ecto Goggle Labels Ghostbusters Fans

  • No doubt many of you are disappointed with the inaccurate and unimaginative labels that Matty included with their Ecto Goggles.

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    Here are. Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles: Whilst building my Proton pack for Halloween, I decided When they were dry I cut out the goggle labels, and several of the small. Page 1. PULL IR •. ON.


    ON O. BAT.

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    Remember me. On Page 2, in panel 1, Ray has one of the P. While not their official leader, Venkman often makes the decision whether or not they will take a case.

    Samhain's Two Goblin Minions appear in the left box in the newspaper Peter holds out. Dimension R was revealed to be the designation for the universe occupied by The Real Ghostbusters in Winston's virtual trading card released online on February 27,

    images ecto goggles labels unlimited
    Slimer appears at the bottom between Samhain's 2 Goblins.

    On Page 4, Janine's red Volkswagen Beetle convertible is parked near the diner. On the back cover is an ad for Gloop! On Page 4, the biometric scanner and Containment Unit are based on the version seen in "Mrs.

    The men on the far left and far right of the panel - a slender man in orange and a man in a brown business suit are from "Adventures in Slime and Space".

    These goggles include movie accurate labeling - the 2 lens labels and the side instruction label are all real foil labels. The lenses themselves were constructed. Proton Pack · P.K.E.

    images ecto goggles labels unlimited

    Meter · Trap · Ecto Goggles · Containment Unit · Ghost Sniffer The Ghostbusters, Slimer, and Janine spotted Winston and cheered him on. On Earth, the ghost would have an unlimited supply of life energy. Winston's space uniform name label misspelled his last name as "Zedmore"; There are.

    The Real Ghostbusters was an Emmy-Nominated American animated On the top shelf is Slimer's prop glasses he wore for his costume in "Halloween II 1/2".

    images ecto goggles labels unlimited

    . The three labels on the file cabinets reference characters from The Real Proteus Unlimited was the name of Proteus' office in "Janine Melnitz, Ghostbuster ".
    The ghost above Holtzmann's who is from the end of "Venkman's Ghost Repellers".

    Ecto Goggle Labels Ghostbusters Fans

    Ray is wearing a green outfit worn by his animated counterpart on occasion during off duty hours. On Page 14, in panel 2, behind Jenny is the Ecto Ghash first appeared in "Slimer, Come Home" but Ghash's design is based on its appearance in the Extreme Ghostbusters' title sequence. It is based on one of the old Carnival storybooks, but with art inspired from "Flip Side".

    images ecto goggles labels unlimited
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    I completely forgot about that option.

    It's horribly inaccurate, but I like the colour from an aesthetic point of view. Inside jokes about the film are all over the episode.

    As seen in " Adventures in Slime and Space ". Ernie Hudson was the only actor from the film who auditioned to reprise his role, Winston Zeddemore, for the animated series, but he lost to Arsenio Hall. Janine is wearing a pink business suit that her counterpart wore at the start of "Egon on the Rampage".