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Therefore, in each jaw, tooth couples e. The small mean discrepancy in the matching process below 0. Most orthodontic problems are treatable with WIN. Objective The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to assess the accuracy of the completely customized lingual appliance WIN DW Lingual Systems, Bad Essen, Germany employing a three-dimensional 3D comparison between the setup and the final result. This is supported by findings from the present study.

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  • Prof. Wiechmann has been in private practice since in Bad Essen, Germanywhich is actually the biggest lingual practice in the world with more than Dr.

    images dr dirk wiechmann winning

    Dirk Wiechmann and his team presented a series of technical innovations within the field of WIN lingual appliances, including a new. The WIN system is an evolution of the Incognito System, which was also designed and developed by Dr Dirk Wiechmann, the inventor of Incognito Lingual.
    No extractions were performed in any patient of the study group.

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    Wiechmann D, Klang E, Helms HJ et al Lingual appliances reduce the incidence of white spot lesions during orthodontic multibracket treatment. This article does not contain any studies with human participants or animals performed by any of the authors. Download PDF. When comparing the different types of tooth movement, normal distributions were found.

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    This may lead to the conclusion that the best fit method is feasible.

    images dr dirk wiechmann winning
    Dr dirk wiechmann winning
    It must be critically mentioned that the initial matching of the whole jaws could lead to small discrepancies because the differences are averaged by the algorithm.

    To achieve most accurate results, all coordinate systems were located in a manner such that the x - and y -axis were positioned on the constructed square plane, with the z -axis perpendicular to it. Four of the initial 24 patients had to be excluded because they did not meet all the inclusion criteria, resulting in a total of 20 patients being enrolled in the study.

    Dr. Dirk Wiechmann MOIP

    The greater mesiodistal dimension of the bracket slots of the WIN bracket compared to others could be the reason for the improved tip and rotational control.

    The brace is custom made for each patient to maximise comfort and ensure precise results, this is achieved by using the latest computer technology when creating the brace.


    images dr dirk wiechmann winning

    Dr. Dirk Wiechmann. @prof_wiechmann. Developer of the WIN Lingual Braces Excellent result after WIN lingual treatment with controlled bodily tooth. Prof.

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    Dr. Dirk Wiechmann. Developer of the WIN Lingual Braces. 21 posts · followers · 6 following · No photo description available.

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    Image may contain: one. Using the completely customized lingual appliance WIN, it is possible to Dr., Rainer Schwestka-Polly: Prof. Dr., Dirk Wiechmann: Prof.

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    The next step was to assign the coordinate systems to each tooth. In most teeth, the final result buccolingually was found to be narrower than the setup, especially in the area of the molars. Therefore, in each jaw, tooth couples e.

    Forestadent braces are not so suitable for complex treatment involving extractions, crossbites, jaw surgery, etc. Certain additional appliances, such as the Herbst appliance or forms of treatment, such as a surgical correction of a malocclusion, were excluded, as were interventions by the orthodontist using manually made finishing bends. Patients that would be ideal candidates for Forestadent are those with minor crookedness of the front teeth, or those patients who have suffered some minor relapse and are looking for a simple realignment of a few teeth.

    images dr dirk wiechmann winning
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    Using the completely customized lingual appliance WIN, it is possible to achieve the final result predicted by the setup with a high accuracy.

    The discrepancy of the two individual teeth is symbolized by the two orange coordinate systems; screenshot Geomagic Studio Abb. This should provide the opportunity for measuring only the effects induced by the completely customized lingual brackets and archwires. Subsequently, the automated registration could always be successfully completed. Forestadent The Forestadent system represents a cost-effective and simple alternative to other lingual systems.

    images dr dirk wiechmann winning

    Comparing all teeth assessed in this study, the mean differences in rotations were less than 4. Since this study only assessed whether the planned tooth movements could be achieved by the appliance, the amount of movement of each tooth is not relevant to make a statement in this regard and could be the subject of further studies.