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images dj odair vol 336

There are indications that this variable also increases as soil nutrients decrease Distel et al. Chinese Science Bulletin, — The aim of this study was to compare the two species in order to verify if more efficient mechanisms of nitrogen conservation can explain the existence of the deciduous species in low fertility soil. Nova Odessa: Instituto Plantarum, Statistical analyses were performed using the software SAS Institute Nevertheless, there is no consensus when comparing these two groups of plants Lal et al. Total chlorophyll concentration was determined in mature green 7. Evergreen species of temperate regions are dominant in low-nutrient soils. Extracellular polysaccharides from cyanobacterial soil crusts: a review of their role in dryland soil processes. The relationships between microalgal biomass, microbial biomass, enzymatic activities and soil physical-chemical properties were explored by stepwise regression.

  • Basil plants growth and essential oil yield in a production system with successive cuts
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    Basil plants growth and essential oil yield in a production system with successive cuts

    Go to Volume 14, Issue 12 Tenzin Tenkyong, J. Sahaya Selva Mary, B. Praveen, K. Pugazhendhi, D.J.

    . Antonio Paulo Santos Souza, Odair Pastor Ferreira, Vanja Fontenele Nunes, Ana Synthetic Metals(), Bragantia vol no.2 Campinas André May; Odair Alves BoviII; Nilson Borlina MaiaII; Lauro Euclides Soares BarataIII; Rita de Cassia.

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    Eugenol content varied from % in day to % in day CHARLES, D.J.; SIMON, J.E. Comparison of extraction methods for the rapid determination of essential oil.
    The present research found that microalgal-microbial biomass and enzyme activities played important roles on the contents of nutrients in the successional stages of BSCs and helped us to understand developmental mechanism in the succession of BSCs.

    The production of basil essential oil has increased the demand for basil vegetal matter to be extracted in specialized distilleries, thus creating a need of fresh plants from periodical harvest of semiperennial plants. The distance between hooks was fixed to 9 cm and the rupture strain test was carried out at a velocity of 0. Scientia Agricola, v.

    Rapid development of phosphorus limitation in temperate rainforest along the Franz Josef soil chronosequence. The same pattern occurred with camphor from 3.

    images dj odair vol 336
    Cary: SAS Institute, So in commercial cultivations, when the objective is to achieve maximum oil production per area, the crop renewal may be necessary.

    images dj odair vol 336

    Gene expression during leaf senescence. It was noted a reduction in production of aerial parts after the fifth cut, and a gradual decrease of sprouts, reducing the growth speed and increasing plants senescence. Responses of microalgal-microbial biomass and enzyme activities of biological soil crusts to moisture and inoculated Microcoleus vaginatus gradients.

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    vol no.6 Piracicaba Nov./Dec. At the end of experiment (after days) the concentrations of nitrogen (analyzed by the Kjeldahl method (Bremner,)) in the clay soil.

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    To Dr. Odair Bovi for granting permission to collect leaves of B. orellana, and to Prof. CHABOT, B.F.; HICKS, D.J. The ecology of leaf life spans.

    Journal of Arid Land. FebruaryVolume 7, Issue 1, pp – | Cite as. Eldridge D J, Greene R S B. Microbiotic soil Glaciela K, Odair A, Mariangela H.

    and moss crusts. Plant and Soil, – Article Information.

    images dj odair vol 336

    vol. no.


    17 DOI: PubMed: Published By: National Academy of Sciences.
    Soil Ecology. Saint Joseph, Google Scholar.

    The physical aspects of the leaves and mechanisms of nutrient economy between the two species were compared, in order to verify whether the deciduous species had more efficient mechanisms that might explain its occurrence in regions of low soil fertility. The experiment was carried out in a completely randomized block design, with eight replications.

    images dj odair vol 336
    Basil Ocimum basilicum L.

    Therefore, the fact that a species is an evergreen does not necessarily mean that its leaves have a longer life span than those from deciduous species.

    images dj odair vol 336

    The economical interest of some vegetable species for essential oil production has brought the need of studies about the capacity of them to bear intense exploitation when submitted to frequent harvesting, aiming to reach the maximum longevity of the plants.

    This work studied the growth of basil plants and the effect of successive cuts on the total yield and quality of the essential oil, throughout the crop cycle. Aquatic Sciences, —