D-16rgt vs d-16gt

images d-16rgt vs d-16gt

Odds are the lights weren't doing the guitar any favors. Anyway, here's the review from way back in I just don't get it. All mods done by Richard Starkey from Martin. My RGT is very comparable to a straight

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  • I've been researching Martin's for months now, and have narrowed it down Bewtween the DGT and the Rosewood d Does anyone have.

    images d-16rgt vs d-16gt

    Tried a Larrivee L, great tone, but the neck is too wide for me. I guess I'm used to 1 11/16 neck. So I've narrowed down to these: Martin The DGT Martin Guitar features a fret platform and Dreadnought body for an affordable price.

    images d-16rgt vs d-16gt

    Find a dealer today or buy online now.
    I had a chance at that too Aahzz All mods done by Richard Starkey from Martin. Link: Copy link. Just thought I'd share It depends on one's tastes. Now I'm intrigued more though.

    Martin D16RGT vs. Martin D28 Ultimate Guitar

    images d-16rgt vs d-16gt
    Jun 15, Any suggestions will be much appreciated, thanks ERIC.

    My stock Pings were better so I sent the Grovers back and put the Originals back on. The trebles really have rounded out thanks in part to the bone saddle and cut through amazingly well in Bluegrass jams. You and I may like the same car, but we may choose different colors. If you want the GT then go for it.

    4 days ago The DRGT acoustic guitar by Martin is a well priced, sweet sounding, high quality instrument made in the USA.

    Tonepedia Martin D16GT

    Martin RGT VS GT?. The Martin DGT uses simple, yet solid woods and is a pretty straight which is a little less deep sounding we recommend checking out the Martin DRGT. torn about these martin models MMV, D16RGT, D16GT or DSR they My friends bought each of those guitars i compared my guitar to for a.
    Hello, I completly understand what your saying, Sometimes i wish i could take two and put it together.

    FWIW, the Martin is growing on me.

    Martin D16GT vs. Larrivée D03

    Have fun! Oct 14, I just don't get it. Choose Display Mode Original Dark.

    images d-16rgt vs d-16gt
    D-16rgt vs d-16gt
    Apr 30, A very reputable Martin dealer in my town doesn't carry the standard D and doesn't like like them.

    Back to top. Link: Copy link. Micarta board - had one on a Martin Cowboy - very smooth, very black.

    I've been thinking to get a Martin for a long time. I tried Martin D in the store and I really like it. The problem is Martin D is like $ us. Never fear, Martin is here with the Martin DRGT, which of course, is the exact same thing as the DGT, but with rosewood back and sides.

    The DRGT is a fine example of a Martin Dreadnought acoustic guitar, bringing classic looks and classic tone to modern guitar specifications. The solid East Indian rosewood back and sides complement the solid Sitka spruce top finished in a polished gloss.

    Martin MMV, D16RGT, D16GT or DSR Ultimate Guitar

    The DRGT shines when.
    The GT is a bargain and sounds great once its played in. Post Feb 13, 2 T It just comes down to your personal preference for sound whether you prefer mahogany or rosewood really. Aug 18, Some from this forum. That's odd. OTOH there's a local shop with some nicely bearclawed 03's but I need a dread that isn't quite so balanced inasmuch something to sing along with.

    images d-16rgt vs d-16gt
    D-16rgt vs d-16gt
    My opinion is this: They both have scalloped bracing and similar appointments. Or Learn more Continue. Thumbs up for asking the question that were all thinking.

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    Gift anonymously Add a Private Message. Bltprf Senior Member Offline Posts: My RGT has really opened up over the past 8 months and is a real tone pleaser with a terrific balanced tone, and rich, deep bass.